Friday, January 15, 2016

POEMS for a change

Well a change is a good as a change, and so Sir Cess has given you some poetry to read, for those who have read his early childhood stories will recognise  some of the sights caught in the poems re: his mother . Grandpa and Grandmother. Hope you enjoy.

 (for my Ma)

In a frozen room of locked in time.
A careful mind of long years toil,
Sits in an armchair, walls completely bare.
Fittings, furniture speak the only lines
She waited all her life to hear.
Whispers of phantoms crawl through hollow walls
Tales to her listening ears

In the street below
A child screams a playful taunt to his mate -
Her ears , a hidden bait.
Sparrows herald in a summer dusk -
Her ears, forbidden lust.
The TV gorges fact and fiction to the hoardes
Her ears

Memories stored beneath floor-boards.

The Tranquil Storm

The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all
It’s eyes open from a dream encrusted sleep
Light falls the recesses of our shuttered lids
Stepping stones of bodies fall across its path
Over the river flows washing
Nothing waits for this stormy tempest
Once awoken no breakwater holds it back
No leaden vault can seal its harsh intent
No pit of our soul will it grace
The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all.

Sleeping or awake
It lives on its own
Biding time

The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all
Breaking glasses thrown at window panes
Smashing chairs of antique wood
Cursing loudly at friends in disguise
Wallowing pity and wishing it would go
To finish what it started so long ago
The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all

A blade of sharp-edged grass
Cuts finely through the lawn
While textured clouds foretell the doom
As apple blossoms perfumes sweet
And acrid vapour stale lover’s come
The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all.

Given time it’ll have its way
That tranquil storm will be released
No speck of dust will
Hide from the holocaust!
Hell no chance
When the tranquil storm takes leave
And stops
Lying hidden in us all.

Mother , son, daughter, father, wife and spouse
The tranquil storm lies hidden in us all.

Twenty-One Commandments

  1.    Broken images caught in time that should be given to somebody else.
  2. Acted times in a Glass Megnagerie.
  3. Visions seen when they should not.
  4.   Women I have known.
  5.  I spit scorn and derision.
  6.    They laugh and say it will pass.
  7. The smell of cats invade the room
  8.   Dead dogs yap at midnight’s call.
  9. Everyone calls to hear a joke I can not tell,
  10.    Try and understand the good book says.
  11.    It’s difficult.
  12. Thank god it’s past.
  13.   It’s unlucky for some.
  14.  The future will bring what’s locked in store.
  15. The whiteness of my tomb escapes.
  16. The sodden and trodden earth.
  17.   Spies have seen my hard drives and will see the truth.
  18.  They should! It’s their job!
  19.   Thou shalt not.
  20. Thou shalt.
  21.   I always have.

Water Child
(Caught in Rain)

Shrimp heads lay scattered
Upon the pebbled beach.
Wind blew Sand swirling
Through my hair
Spray mounting beach-front steps
Childhood memories caught in rain.

Used Jonnies – the rubber kind –
Floating on the surf.
Swollen now with sea-salt
Water filled, buoyant like balloons
They navigate carbuncled pier-struts.
Childhood memories caught in rain.

Lollipops and donkey rides.
Coco the clown with elephants as well,
Candy floss and toffee apple stalks,
Scattered flotsam, holiday maker’s junk,
Litter swirling on the empty prom.
Childhood memories caught in rain.

Grandpa dead – skeleton he lay –
Grandma mad – mop in hand –
Pigeons cooing, seed they want.
Garden watered for the veggies to grow,
Tomatoes trussed – fertilised as well –
Childhood memories caught in rain,

Mother holding the wrath of God,
Sister crying, lost, forlorn,
Brother stupid – Eric was his name –
Bath-tub full –rising steam –
Naked lady – tits in bloom.
Childhood memories caught in rain

Back door locked – bolted too –
Barred from house and home.
Pants wet and backside sore,
Naughty boy – you did wrong –
Punishment taken from teacher’s hand
Childhood memories caught in rain.

Rain, rain in a pool
Water in a tub,
Sea in and out
Childhood memories caught in

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