Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Hip-Replacement Appology

Sir Cess has to issue an appoloy to all his new viewers over the past month, especially those in Japan, Russia, and Canada, and all his numerous followers.

His decrepid physical state has seen him in hospital yet again. This time for a hip replacement on on his amutated right leg foot, which was done last year.

In spite of all these, hackings, choppings and metal replacements, he found time last month to have three days filming work in a local SA soapie, where he appeared as a villainous Czech gangster who kidnapped the leading juve lady, her husband, her mother in-law and another leading juve male.

It was all shot in Zulu, which he didn't understand but with his considerable experience, he managed to complete the assignment, and was then duly shot three times and mysteriously exited the soapie.

But he has been told by his agent, Mr Boo-King-Clarke" that he still has another few scenes to shoot and will be called-back. When this is in the hands of the producers, and the writers.

His considerable previous experience in the art of soapies as far back as the BBC's "Dixon of Dock Green" in the early nineteen-seventies, he envisages that he will be seen in a hospital bed, a prop to which now he has considerable personal experience on which to draw.

His character, Knobus, will utter the earth shattering line, "You can't keep a Czech Bear with warrents for arrest even in his home country, down for long."

This will fit in with a crimminal case that is at present running in the SA courts, and we all know how soapies like to keep abreast of local news stories!

This short post will be followed very shortly by a new one about "Accidents" which is hiding away in his hard and greying matter drives.

So all he asks is: Please all you now 7147 gobal readers/viewers, keep reading and please make comments on the stories. Thank you.

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Jill Carrott said...

It seems they have not yet amputated/replaced your sense of humour, long may it last....