Saturday, May 16, 2015

Question time for readers

Question time: In 2018

To be or not to be?

This is the probably one of the most famous quotes from Shakespeare.

“If you prick us do we not bleed?” “ If you tickle us do we not laugh?” “ What’s in a name?”

They are numerous and I will not attempt to equal them; but I have a number of questions which I would like you readers to answer. Not just readers but anybody who has viewed this blog page, approximately 14,700 of you.

One word answers will do.

But where a longer answer is required or requested, please take the time and compose an erudite reply.

I know the blog has had over 14,700 views; and I know the number of views that come from certain countries, but for the sake of my possible publishers, I ask you to take your time and answer the following questions.

Please answer in the comment facility at the end of this post & if you wish to remain anonymous please use the anonymous button in the comment section.

Thank you.

What has made you click on your mouse and bring you to this blog?

How many of the posts have you read?

If you have read the blog have you made a comment?

If you answer “no” please explain why?

If you answered "yes" please explain why?

Where do you live, the name of the country will do?

What age are you and what sex?

Are you in any way involved in the entertainment industry? Please state what department.

Do know me, the writer?

I am now going to try and explain why Sir Cess is asking all these questions. 

Because the answers to these questions are what any possible publisher wants to know so that they will be able to market the book possibly entitled “Theatrical  Artichokes” or Sir Cess Poole’s Tales” or “The diary of a Jobbing-Actor”.


Маргарита Гуминенко said...

1. I saw the movie "Guns Of Honour. Trigger Fast" 1994, in this movie you were pleasant to me, and I began to look for information about you on the Internet.

2. Sorry, I bad speak English, so not all of your posts read literally. But I tried to read all that you wrote.

3. I wrote about 10 comments. If I knew English better, I would write more comments.

4. -

5. I liked your memories. You write very vividly. I was curious to understand what sort of person you. I was interested to read about your childhood, about life in another country. I love your humor, although some of your memories very dramatic.

6. Russia, city of St Petersburg.

7. I am 47 years old, I'm a woman.

8. No.

9. I only know what you post on the Internet.

Best wishes!

Maggie Storey said...

1 I knew you as an actor and I like your writing style.
2 I read all the posts I encounter
3 I have written some comments.
5 I can identify with your character
6 Australia
7 an "old" female
8 dance industry.
9 Yes from many moons ago.